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Natural Stone Tiles

Natural Stone Catalogue

Stone is quarried from all over the world and shaped into tiles, making each piece unique dependant on the rock from which it originated.  Natural stone can be used on walls and floors.  It can be polished, brushed, honed or tumbled each giving a different finish and look.  An inherent feature of natural stone is the veining, mottling and colour variations.  It is a beautiful, natural product and adaptable in use.

Browse our catalogue to find out more about different rock types, textures and finishes.  We sell travertine, limestone, sandstone, tumbled marble, polished marble, granite, basalt, slate and terracotta.  Please ask for advice as to the suitability and colour ranges within each type.

When buying natural products care should be taken to find a quality supplier.  We feel it is worth paying extra for a quality stone that will last for years if installed and maintained correctly. We place a lot of emphasis on only selling high quality stone and to ensure that the tiles are suitable for your particular requirements.  Natural stone is porous and will need maintenance. During shipment some natural stone tiles can be prone to chip and we recommend that if you do receive any chipped tiles, or if there are any unwanted blemishes, you use them for cuts during the installation process.  Imperfections form part of the characteristic of a natural stone tile.

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