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International Tiles is a trading name of Inter Tiles & Interiors Ltd

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Catalogue

Mosaics are made from a variety of materials and vary considerably in price. We sell sheets ranging from precious gold and mother of pearl to more budget ceramics in a rainbow of colours. Stone, pebbles, metal, wood, glass, shell, porcelain and ceramic. We have a huge mosaic library, full of mosaic cards, catalogues and samples – literally thousands of different types!

Mosaics can be used for a multitude of uses and applied to flat or curved surfaces. They can decorate not only kitchens and bathrooms but other living spaces – walls, shelves, borders, vertical drops and splashbacks. We can advise on the suitability of the mosaic for your job and help you to create the effect you want to achieve. Choose from many different texture and sizes. Classic, unusual, subtle or dramatic – mosaics reflect lifestyle and should be used with confidence. We can help you mix blends to create both individual and stylish designs. You can buy mosaics by the metre or by the sheet. Mosaics are incredibly practical and sheets are cut to size creating a continuous effect of individual small singular tiles which can be used to cover large areas or provide a contrast or feature.

The colour spectrum is vast from pale to dark with mixtures of clear, frosted, iridescence, fleck, tumbled, crackle, pearl, gloss, mat, brushed, patterned, polished, chipped, plain – it would be impossible for us to put all our mosaics on this website so we have included one catalogue on just a small selection of our products. We hope this will give you inspiration for further thought and you will contact us soon!

Mosaic Catalogue